Mount Kilimanjaro | Trek & Climb Tips.

The trekking up Kilimanjaro is probably the most popular high altitude trek in the world. The reason for Kilimanjaro’s popularity is obvious: It is the highest mountain in the world that you can simply walk up. You need no ropes, no special climbing equipment, no previous experience.
That is correct as in that you need no climbing experience. There is no technical skill required at all. It really is nothing more than an uphill walk. But trekking on Mt. Kilimanjaro is still a very demanding adventure.
Even if it takes no special mountaineering skills, I believe that previous trekking experience makes a huge difference to your chances to summit. I also think that people who have climbed mountains before will find trekking on Kilimanjaro easier than people who have never climbed a mountain in their lives.
Thousands of people tackle their Kilimanjaro trekking with no experience whatsoever, and many of them still reach the peak.
Trekking Mount Kilimanjaro

Mt. Kilimanjaro, Trek & Climb Overview.

Kilimanjaro Trekking can be done in one of main route like Machame, Marangu, Lemosho and Rongai but there other Route like Umbwe, North Route which are highly adventure. But there is no doubt that you will be at a disadvantage compared to people who are used to trekking. At least go hiking as much as possible in the time leading up to your Kilimanjaro trekking. Don’t worry about the gym workouts and acquiring some iron man fitness levels.
That’s nonsense. Just get used to walking uphill, for hours at a time, at that steady pace where you don’t even notice you’re actually exercising.
If you can walk in hilly country for 6-8 hours, and get up and do it again the next day, and return to the office on Monday feeling fine, then you are more than fit enough to go trekking on Kilimanjaro.

How long does it take to climb Kilimanjaro?

Kilimanjaro is a long hike mountain though there is a lot of a variation in hiking time taken to climb the mountain. Some of the hikers can manage to finish the whole trek within 8 days while others can use 6 days only on the same route.

Days to Climb Kilimanjaro

To summit on the roof of Africa will be a memorable thing wished to be accomplished by many people. Remember that in making this dream comes true there is no need to race in hiking Kilimanjaro Mountain.
Before starting this challenging struggle it is good not to think of racing and reaching the top at first. The long time it takes to climb this mountain to the peak notwithstanding reaching the summit will be something interesting despite the fact of how long it took you to climb the mountain.
To be quick in this hiking journey is more likely to end in a failure. So you better take your time in acclimatization and build your strength to achieve the summit.

Best Route for Kilimanjaro climbing.

There are seven known established routes of hiking mountain Kilimanjaro, you should select the best route after though roughly search. Open the link Below is a short description on different route details:

Acclimatizing for Kilimanjaro Hike Distance

The highest elevation of Mt Kilimanjaro can position your healthy at a serious danger at the time of hiking. You may be at the risk of suffering from mountain sickness subjected to low oxygen absorption. You can pre- acclimatize yourself by doing a lot of training that heightens the volume of red blood cells and exceed the absorption of the oxygen which could help you when you are at high altitude of Kilimanjaro mountain.

Better Fitness preparation

Good fitness is needed to hike Kilimanjaro like those needed to take the bull by the horns. But too much concentration of fitness is required at the starting point. Fitness is required more when you are ascending towards  Kilimanjaro. It will be quite impossible to reach at the summit without proper fitness level. Good and heightened fitness level could be useful in shortening your days to the summit.

Climbing Gears

In climbing Kilimanjaro if it is your first time experience you can never know the duration of the climb. Therefore having the proper climbing gears with extra supplies for mountain climbing will add your comfort ability during the hiking. It is advised to take with you the trekking poles, additional clothes for unpredictable weather, supplements for energy or anything that can vital on your way to summit the Kilimanjaro mountain.

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